Day 82 – Pompeii

    Today we traveled to Pompeii to see the ruins of the ancient civilization. It was really awesome. We saw most of the buildings that we wanted to see but unfortunately some buildings were closed off. We loved seeing the architecture, the frescos, and the tile mosaics on the floor. The city even had aqueducts which supplied the city with ample fresh water as well as baths that had diffusion heating through the floor and walls. Really, we found it incredible how similar in many ways the ancient romans were to our modern society. The house of the tragic poet even had a mosaic on the floor of a dog with the Latin inscription “cave canem” – beware of dog!


    We spent a full 6 hours in the city (until it closed) but we could have easily spent a few hours more. It was truly incredible that some of the art, buildings, and bodies were so well preserved.


    Back in Napoli, we went to L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele for dinner. This is one of the pizzerias that Napoli is famous for. Michele’s in particular is famous in Naples for being a purist pizzeria- only serving the original two types of pizza- margarita and marinara. It was fantastic! In fact, it was indubitably the best pizza that we’ve ever had. Seriously, it blew every other pizza out of the water. Plus, a whole pie was only 4 euros! Incredibly cheap! Naples is also known for having the best mozzarella in the world (actually made from a species of buffalo rather than cow – mozzarella de buffalo) and it was this amazing mozzarella that contributed to the excellent taste of the pizza. After dinner we did some planning and went to bed.

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