Day 93 – Lisbon Oceanarium

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 93 - Lisbon Oceanarium

    We had breakfast on the train because it was included in our fare. It consisted of toast, croissants, juice, and coffee. We arrived in Lisbon around 7 am and checked into our hostel.
    Since it was a rainy day, we decided to spend our time at the Oceanarium. It was absolutely fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The temporary exhibit was a sea turtle exhibit which was really neat. In the main building there were all sorts of exotic fish we had never even heard of, many of which were really bizarre.
    Amy’s favorite animals were the sea otters. They were adorable and playful and it was really hard to tear her away from the exhibit.



    This guy is an ocean sunfish.



    In the evening, we had dinner at A Tasquinha, which was really nice.

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