Day 91 – The Prado and Retiro Park

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    Day 91 - The Prado and Retiro Park

    We spent most of our day at the Prado museum, which was very nice and truly too big to see everything in one day. We concentrated on the artists and works we were most interested in seeing (Velásquez, Goya, Raphael, and Rubens). Our favorite room was that of the black paintings of Goya’s. The works were truly haunting. Jon’s favorite was Saturn Devouring his Son- the main picture of the post. The most interesting painting we saw in the museum was The Vision of St. Bernard by Alanso Cano… Google it.

    After, we spent some time in the nearby park, which was in the traditional European style, quite manicured with strict compartmentalization. We enjoyed the trees there a lot



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