Day 81 – Naples

    Last night we realized there was one more thing in Rome we needed to see – the ossuary of the Capuchin monastery there. This ossuary was apparently the inspiration for the Sedlec ossuary we had seen earlier in our travels. It was smaller, though definitely more artistic and better executed than the Sedlec ossuary. Pictures weren’t allowed, so the one you see here had to be taken on the sly.


    We then took the train to Napoli (Naples). Our hostel was right near the train station which was convenient but also meant that it wasn’t in the best neighborhood. As we walked the short distance to our hostel, we were astonished at how much garbage there was in the streets and on the sidewalks! It was even worse than this picture near to our hostel.


    After checking into the hostel, we headed out to see the city. We were again very surprised at the amount of garbage and graffiti everywhere. It made the whole city seem pretty shitty. For dinner we headed to get some Neapolitan pizza (the one redeeming quality of Naples). It was pretty good.

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