Day 83 – Planning Day

    We woke up early, planning on spending our last day in Naples at the National museum. When we went online to check their hours we discovered that they were closed (sounding familiar?). We were really bummed out, because there were a ton of artifacts from Pompeii that we were looking forward to seeing (especially several mosaics that had been removed from Pompeii). Furthermore, it was Tuesday – why would a museum be open every day except Tuesday?! We decided that we might want to extend our stay another day in order to go to the museum the following day because of how stoked we were to go there. We headed to the train station to make our reservation for the night train to Barcelona the following evening. Turns out that the train was booked up for the whole next week (either that, or there was a miscommunication with the station employee). We headed back to the hostel where we tried to figure out what we were going to do. Things were looking grim; it seemed like we might be stuck in the shithole that is Naples (talking about the garbage, trash, noise, and traffic – the traffic! It was horrible! With no crosswalks, you pretty much just start walking into oncoming traffic and hope that they stop and you don’t get killed. Also everyone everywhere is constantly honking.)  and not the pizza. It was looking like it was not going to be easy to get to Barcelona by train. We eventually found a ferry going straight to Barcelona from Civitavecchia (the closest port to Rome) which we booked for the following evening.
    For the rest of the afternoon we hung out with other people in the hostel, playing cards and chatting. We returned to Michelle’s Pizzaria for lunch and dinner. (Seriously, if you had this pizza you wouldn’t judge us.)


    The plates are too big for the table and the pizza is too big for the plate 🙂 I’ve had worse problems…

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