Today we visited a few of the important piazzas (town squares). We visited the Spanish steps where we warded off the relentless Indian men who were trying to scam us into buying roses. We went to the Piazza Del Populo next, where there was a nice Egyptian obelisk (stolen by the Romans). We had to fight off more persistent scammers here as well (here, have this ‘gift’, please take this, a rose for the lady…). From here we walked up to a nearby park. We enjoyed a cheap and very tasty caprese pizza from a vendor in the park and wandered around. It was a nice park, but was pretty commercialized. You could rent bikes, boats, go-karts, segways etc. and there were people zooming around on all modes of transportation. There were some roller skaters who had traveled in time from the 80s who set up cones and were doing neat tricks that we watched for quite a while. A few of them were extremely talented and it was really fun to watch.
    After leaving the park we began walking to the other side of town to the area where our hostel staff had recommended we go to eat. It was looking like a sketchy neighborhood for a while, but it ended up being nice. We had a fantastic meal here! We had bruschetta, pasta, and tiramisu. We loved the amount of porcini mushrooms in everything. Yum!

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