Day 73 – Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic


    When we awoke at 6:50 we were already docked in Dubrovnik though we weren’t supposed to arrive until 7. After breakfast we walked into town where we bought a ticket to walk the walls of Dubrovnik. These were the walls of the old fortifications. We walked around the entire old town and had great views of the city as well as the sea. After, we walked around the town. We were really surprised at how crowded the streets were, especially this late in the year! We walked to a few churches and prominent buildings. We checked the time and realized that it was already time to go. We walked as quickly as possible back to the port (roughly a 35 minute walk), where we reached the ship 2 minutes after the “all on board” time. We were getting a little panicky at the end, thinking that we might miss the boat. (It was at least half an hour after we boarded that the boat left, so we wouldn’t have missed the boat even if we were later.) We spent the evening packing up our stuff, wishing we could stay longer. It was incredibly nice to have one room for a week. We skipped the show and almost skipped the formal dinner in order to pack. After checking out the buffet dinner we changed our mind and went to the nice dinner. We were glad we did because it was nice to say goodbye to the nice polish couple we had got to know during our dinners and the nicer food was a bonus as well.

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