Day 74 – From Venice to Florence

    Firenze Duomo

    We had to vacate our room by 7 am after which time we sat in the theater waiting for our disembarkation color code to be called. It wasn’t until after 10 am that ours was called. In hind sight, we realized that we probably could have left whenever, as no one was checking color tags and we didn’t have any luggage to retrieve. It was another rainy day in Venice. The flooding was beginning (google venice floods for pictures of the recent Venice floods, the worst in about 150 years) and the sidewalks were being consumed by the sea. We didn’t stick around to see anymore of Venice because of the less than ideal weather conditions. We boarded a train to Firenze instead. Once there, we checked into our hostel, got a map, and planned the rest of the afternoon. We walked around the Duomo, the open air museum at the piazza Della Signoria, a nice market (with tasty pistachio baked goods!), the Pointe Vecchio bridge (with shops attached to the side), a few churches (Santo Spirit and Brancacci chapel), and the Pitti palace.
    We went to a restaurant (technically a bar) right next to our hostel where we had a really nice dinner of mushroom gnocchi and pesto fettuccine.

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