Day 33 – Hillerød

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 33 - Hillerød

    We spent the first part of the day doing laundry and searching for hostels in Norway. After figuring out our travel schedule and booking our hostel we walked into the city center. We did some wandering and spent some time in a second hand store where we bought sheets (we had seen that our next hostel charged for sheet rental-and that it was quite expensive). On our walk home we stopped in a grocery store to get some things for dinner (we had offered to make dinner for our hosts). Our hosts took us for a walk to the castle and its beautiful garden. It was very fancy and unlike any other garden we had seen before (very ornate and well manicured). We made macaroni for dinner (we get better every time!) and spent the night chatting with our hosts again. We also played quite a few rounds of a board game called Sequence.

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