Day 32 – To Hillerød

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 32 - To Hillerød

    This morning we had a nice breakfast–along with nice conversation– with Rachy and Micha. Micha shared some tasty bread (with bits of apples and pears) he brought from southern Germany. Next, we headed to a nearby park (not the same one as yesterday) where we watched people soccering and then climbed to the top of the park Observatory (apparently one of the most modern in Europe) and got a nice view of the northern part of Hamburg. We left to catch our trains to Hillerød. We had an interesting train ride, where our train actually boarded a ferry (that’s an exciting first- we were on a train, on a boat :). We took the ferry from Germany to Denmark (about a 45 minute crossing) where our train continued on to Copenhagen. There, we took the train to Hillerød where our host Camilla and her boyfriend Frank picked us up from the train station. We ate ice cream and got to know each other a bit. (The picture is of our train on a boat.)

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