Day 34 – København

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 34 - København

    We got up early and took the train into Copenhagen. We walked around town, to the round tower, and then to The Church Of Our Savior, where we ascended 400 steps to the top of the spire. The ascent was steep, slippery, claustrophobic, and tightly winding, but was totally worth the view (and the experience)!
    Next, we met Camilla for lunch (a great vegetarian buffet). And then headed to the Mikkeller bar, where we met Frank and had a round. They drove us to the little mermaid statue then up along the coast and back to their place. We ordered pizza and spent the evening exchanging travel experiences and advice. They showed us some pictures from their travels to Africa and Iceland, which were very cool and made us a little jealous. It was sad saying our goodbyes (they were getting up very early the next morning for work, so we wouldn’t see them). We had become very comfortable with Frank and Camilla and the time spent with them really felt too short!

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