Day 23 – In Bruges

    We spent about 4 hours traveling to Brugge, Belgium today. Unfortunately we hadn’t cached the map for Brugges, so we used a map in the subway station to find directions to the street our hostel was on. Unfortunately for us, we had found Vulderstratt, but we needed to find Korte Vulderstratt… When we got to the (wrong) address, we realized we weren’t in the right place but had no idea where the right place was…

    We stopped in a shop and asked the shopkeeper if he know where Korte Vulderstratt was; he gave us a map of the city and showed us where the correct street was, while explaining that people confuse the two all the time. We realized that we had gone in the complete opposite direction of where we needed to go. Luckily it was a nice day and the walk wasn’t too far to the correct address. We did buy something to thank the shop owner. 🙂

    After decompressing at the hostel we explored the city a bit. It is quite scenic, although most of the “old” buildings are actually newish but build to look old. Still charming. It was overflowing with tourists though (I guess we didn’t help with that) which was a bit annoying. We stopped at the well known Markt square and I couldn’t stop laughing as I kept recalling this Trigger Happy TV skit which takes place there. Please watch it.


    We went to a nice local restaurant for the national Belgian dish – mussels and fries.


    We did a Belgian beer tasting that was offered at our hostel. It wasn’t that fun, the “guide” didn’t know what she was talking about and she had an annoying schoolteacher vibe. It was still worth it though, because we met another couple at the tasting who were pretty awesome. Simon was from Liverpool but now living in Belfast and his girlfriend, Susan, was also from Liverpool. They were on their own holiday. We spent the whole evening hanging out with them after the tasting. It was a particularly fun night. Here they are:


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