Day 24 – Brugge Fails Us

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    Day 23 - Brugge Fails Us

    We slept in today. For lunch we waited to eat until a local eatery with highly recommended Belgian waffles opened. While we were trying to pass time we went to a small local bar that serves it’s own beer, a highly rated beer that is only available at the bar. Both of these places were highly regarded in the Use-It map for Brugge, a map made by local young adults for young adult travelers. The bar was very well hidden – we had to walk back and forth down the street 4 times before finding it. It turned out to be hidden down a small alleyway. We entered De Garre and had a De Garre. It was definitely worth it; it was a great beer.


    We made our way back to the restaurant for our waffles. They were out of Belgian waffles! Fortunately they were also known for their spaghetti and I ordered that instead while Amy had pancakes (they were thin, like crepes). It was quite good.

    Afterwards we headed back to the Markt square to climb to the top of the belfry. (The belfries in Belgium and France are collectively a UNESCO world heritage site… how many can we see?)

    We waited in line for 15 minutes before seeing a sign that said that ticket sales ended in 15 minutes. We looked forward and saw that we were about halfway through the line. We waited… and waited… and when there were only 5 people in front of us, ticket sales stopped. We didn’t get to go up to the top and wasted half an hour. Oh well, it was still a fun day – we wandered around town the rest of the evening and then went to bed early. We did get a delicious Belgian waffle from a street vendor. 🙂

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