Day 22 – (Ancient) Trier

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    Day 22 - (Ancient) Trier

    We used our home base in Luxembourg to take a quick day trip to Trier, Germany on Andre’s recommendation. Trier is the oldest city in Germany (16 BCE if you’re curious) and is, wait for it, another UNESCO world heritage site. The city contains several remains of Roman civilization. The pictured archway, called the “porta nigra” in Latin (black door) was the entrance to the ancient city. We also visited the rubble of ancient Roman baths in the city. It was another beautiful city and fun day. We only narrowly avoided breaking our vegetarianism by eating sausages. 🙂

    Karl Marx also had a house in Trier, which we visited.

    Dinner was sushi, delivered to the house and paid for by our generous host Andre. It was great! We watched a movie with Andre and went to bed pretty early.

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