Day 87 – The Best of Barcelona

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 86 - The Best of Barcelona

    We got up early and walked to the Sagrada Familia, a church designed by Gaudi. We were glad we got there early because it was a very popular destination. It was hands-down the most interesting and unique church we have been to yet. Gaudi got a lot of his inspiration from the natural world and it was very apparent in this work. (The main photo is the ceiling of the church). Afterwards we walked around Güell park where there were more of Gaudi’s creations (houses, bridges, sculptures, etc.). For lunch we tried our first seafood paella and it was absolutely fantastic!


    For desert we had creme de Catalan ( which is similar to cream brulee) – yum!!


    We spent the afternoon walking around the local market. We had some individual servings of freshly squeezed/blended fruit juices which were cheap, delicious, and exotic ( coconut, dragon fruit, mango, kiwifruit). It was a really great market, with all sorts of things and we really enjoyed ourselves.


    We made our way to the magic fountain where there is a fountain show each night with lights and music. It was actually cooler that we expected it to be.
    We finished off the evening with a beer at the Cat Bar where we talked with a traveler from Canada.

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