Day 86 – Barcelona

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 85 - Barcelona

    We slept in a bit, had the hostel’s breakfast, and then went on a 3 hour long free walking tour, mostly centered around the old town. It was one of the better free walking tours we had been on and we really enjoyed ourselves. The post’s photo is one of the sites we visited during the tour. It is a monument dedicated to the local team of castellers who built the tallest human tower to date. The monument is the exact height of the tower which holds the current record. In Barcelona there is a competition each year where teams compete to build the tallest human tower. We spent the evening meandering down two main streets- Passeig de Gràcia and La Rambla. Every street we walked down had different types of Christmas lights; it was really nice. We saw a few of Antoni Gaudi’s buildings (only from the outside), which were definitely unique. We also stopped at a shop specializing in Iberian ham. We got a tiny bowl of ham bits to sample since this is a very local specialty.


    Back at our hostel we made that instant soup mix for dinner which was actually pretty good.

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