Ramblin' Wedells

    It was a windy and cool morning (low to mid 60’s).We had the buffet breakfast, which was pretty good, then we put on our swimsuits, intent on using the hot tub even if the weather wasn’t perfect. To our disappointment, the hot tubs were only warm. But we hung out in one of the warm tubs for about an hour anyway. We got a lot of weird looks from people as they passed by (because they didn’t think the weather was nice enough to be in a bathing suit?). We went back to our room to shower and get ready to see Bari, Italy. We arrived around 1 pm and had to wait in a reasonably sized line on order to disembark. We didn’t pay for an excursion, we just wandered around Bari ourselves. It was cool to see all of the laundry hanging everywhere on peoples balconies and the front doors of most places were open, with just a sheet covering the doorway. We visited a few churches that had a significantly different architectural style than we had seen elsewhere. Less gaudy, more… Mediterranean. We visited the castle and its museum which were nice. We arrived back at the boat in time for a fantastic sunset. In the evening, we watched the show which was a lot of dancing and some singing. The dancing was pretty awesome, actually- there was a lot of high kicking and other cool dance moves. After the show we had another 6 course meal ( it was a bit of a struggle to eat that much, but fun to have so many courses!).

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