Day 67 – Cruise Embarcation

    Ramblin' Wedells

    We had originally planned on getting up early to see more of Venice by the daylight but the weather was pretty nasty so we took our time having breakfast and even asked to hang out in the lobby for an hour after check out. During that time we panicked about not having had our boarding passes sent to us. We tried to contact MSC Cruises; we waited on hold for an hour before giving up. We finally just headed to the port, hoping for the best but dreading being turned away. At the port we simply had to give our passports which they used to look us up and we were on the ship in no time. We didn’t check our bags and nearly had to wait in any lines at all; it was great! Upon entering our room we were surprised to find a balcony– apparently our room had been upgraded (we only paid for an internal room with no window!). Unfortunately, the hot tubs and pools were closed due to bad weather, but we were hopeful that they would be reopened soon. We saw the ship’s show for the evening – some singing and dancing – fun but not extraordinary. We had a great (six course) dinner and met a very friendly Polish couple also assigned to our table who we got the chance to know a bit over the course of the week.

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