Day 37 – The Fjords

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    Day 37 - The Fjords

    We took the funicular up Mt. Fløyen where we had a fantastic view of Bergen and the surrounding fjords. It was a beautiful sunny day, which is a rarity in Bergen. We picked a path and begun our day’s hike. We hiked past many small lakes and streams (it was very wet in general). We reached a high point  with a nice view where we snacked on some bread and set our sights on some cairns in the far distance on top of a taller fjord than the one we were on. Using the GPS from the tablet, we set off in the correct direction to hike to the next fjord. As we were hiking the steep path there were a few bikers who passed us. We were amazed! It must be incredibly difficult to bike up the fjords. When we got to the top we chose a lesser traveled path out to the edge of the fjord. We made it to the originally noted cairns and had another fantastic view of the fjords.


    One of the cairns was huge (roughly 12 ft. tall)!


    There were a few old platforms along the edge of the fjord that we wondered what they used to be. Jon thought that they were probably WW2 gun emplacements.


    We hiked down the other side of the fjord and around on our way back to town. The landscapes were beautiful and we were amazed that it hadn’t rained at all! (On average it rains about 280 days a year!). By the time that we got back to town it was about 5pm and we were getting hungry so we stopped in a grocery store and got fish cakes for dinner. They look like pancakes but taste like fish and have the texture of rubber– a very unique (but good) dish.

    We made our dinner at the hostel using some free food left by others (and made a mental note to check for free food more often!). Iron chef hostel style!

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