Day 36 – Bergen

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    Day 36 - Bergen

    We walked from to train station to our YMCA hostel where we discovered that the office didn’t open for another hour. To waste time, we walked to a nearby grocery store to get some breakfast. At 8 we returned to the hostel to check in. The desk person had forgotten her keys, so we had to wait another 20 minutes for a co-worker to show up. When checking in, we discovered that our booking had been messed up by hostel world. Luckily the hostel had extra rooms and they gave us a 4 person dorm for the price of a 6 person room. We locked up our belongings and headed out to see the city. First, we walked around the old wooden buildings of Bryggen, which were really neat (+1 UNESCO site). We wandered around the rest of the town, checking out the churches, parks, the fish market, and an old castle. It rained on and off all day long (which we were getting used to). We used the internet to search for affordable places to eat (Norway is extremely expensive) and found an Asian restaurant with cheap entrées (15 dollars a plate is really cheap in Norway…) for dinner. I was sad because even though we ordered the same thing, Jon’s dish had a bunch of vegetables in it and mine was mostly noodles 🙁 Jon had a chili sauce put on his, so even though he wanted to share his vegetables with me, they were too spicy. Our dorm-mates were nice and weren’t very noisy, which we appreciated.

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