Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 29 - Traveling to Hamburg

    We got up early and took a long train to Hamburg (actually 2 different trains). The second train was miserable. There were way more people than seats, so we had to stand for 3 hours surrounded by other people doing the same. We started making reservations for trains after that fiasco. We got to our CS host’s house at around 8 and got to know her a little before heading out to get some food from Thai Cowboy. While eating, Rachy showed us what to do in Hamburg. We talked a bit more and then went to bed on the most legitimate fold out couch we’ve ever seen. Danke, IKEA!

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    1. Sad to hear Amsterdam was so underwhelming. I would assume most of the appeal comes from being able to smoke openly. Once their smoking ban comes into effect at the turn of the year I predict most people will have a similar experience in Amsterdam as the two of you.

      Nice jacket. It looks very European:)

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