Day 29 – A day in the park

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 28 - A day in the park

    We wanted to have a day without the ~2 hours of commuting going to and coming home from Amsterdam entails (also we felt like there wasn’t much else to see in Amsterdam) so we slept in. It was fortunate since it was raining heavily. (Did we forget to mention that it rained the last two days as well, albeit briefly? Yes.) When we did finally venture outside we explored an expansive city park near the hostel that was beautifully maintained. The Europeans have a totally different attitude about parks than we do – a difference I will go into detail about in a later post. In brief, they are sculpted and meticulously manicured whereas ours usually try to imitate a “natural” landscape. Anyways, we spent a few hours in the park and the day became quite nice. It rained again in the evening, so we had dinner at the hostel again. We went to bed early because our train the next morning left early. (Sound familiar yet?)

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