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    We left Dover on an early train but it was quite easy to make it to the station – it was just down the street. A quick transfer in London later and we were on our way to Liverpool – first class! Booking first class for this leg of the journey was cheaper (don’t ask me why) than booking economy, so we got to travel in style. We were served coffee, tea, Greek salad, fruit and crisps (that’s what the Brits call potato chips). Plenty of leg room as well.

    Once we disembarked at Liverpool it was a quick train ride to our lodging for the night – an enormous Victorian mansion – courtesy of our fist Couchsurfer host Matthew. He gave us the quick rundown on where the sights were in Liverpool and we were off. We had a nice hour walk downtown as we explored some of the neighborhoods and then we had a great dinner at The Vegetarian Egg Cafe. We did a little more exploring of the city and checked out some of the local pubs (much more colourful than London!) and had some excellent real ales by breweries that Matthew recommended. The plum porter by Titanic brewery was the best. We walked home to prepare for a full day exploring Liverpool.

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    1. We are so glad that you guys are having a great time. I’ll get the globe out and show Evan your travels. Be safe and have fun!
      The Crane family

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