Day 8 – Dover Castle

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    Day 8 - Dover Castle

    Today we made our way to Dover Castle. The castle is rich in history from multiple generations, from a surviving lighthouse built in approximately ~30CE by the Romans to a church built in the 1000s by the Anglo-Saxons, to a castle keep built in the late 1100s by king Henry the Second, to a series of tunnels dug during the middle ages, another series of tunnels dug during the Napoleonic wars, a series of tunnels dug during the second world war, and finally, a series of tunnels dug during the cold war.

    The WW2 tunnels were particularly interesting, having housed a radio repeater, a military hospital, and a military bunker and planning chamber. It was in these tunnels that operation Dynamo was planned. Dynamo was the last minute operation to rescue the British expeditionary force as well as various other allied forces from Dunkirk, France, after the German advance had pushed them to the coast. Over 330,000 soldiers were successfully evacuated to fight again.

    We did our laundry, and are back at the cheery local pub where we’re currently posting this from while drinking some cask ales. We had an excellent curry dinner here as well.

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