As we’re getting to the two thirds point of the trip, we’re starting to reflect on the various highs and lows we’ve had. We were hoping you could help us think of some questions about our experience that we can use to make a summary post when we get back. For example, some questions that we’ve already been considering:

    • Friendliest people
    • Best street food
    • Best transportation
    • Cheapest country
    • Best hike
    • Best beach

    If you have any suggestions for best and worsts for us to consider, please leave a comment!


    1. Well, a really obvious one is “most beautiful scenery”!

      Also, how about:
      * The place where you learned the most.
      * The place that was most surprising.
      * The place that pushed you out of your comfort zone the most.
      * The scariest experience of the trip.
      * The peak experience of the trip.
      * The most unusual wildlife you’ve seen.
      * Another obvious one: the place where you’ve eaten the weirdest food!


      1. Thanks for the great suggestions Kent! I immediately knew the answer to some of these, but will have to reflect on some of the others. Definitely expect to see them all addressed at the end of our trip.

    2. Some things that come to mind:
      Best and worst weather?
      Most/least amenable to American tourists?
      If you could recommend one country/place to visit, which would it be?
      Best/worst access to power/technology/internet?

      How’s your perspective on the world changed?

    3. The strangest tradition, the place with the greatest communication barrier, what made you the most homesick, your funniest moment, the memory that will be forever etched in your mind.

    4. How about the most memorable/impressive/awe-inspiring/beautiful piece of architecture (building, home, temple, etc.)? I’m always fascinated by human creativity on display in the structures they build.

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