Day 63 – To Switzerland

    Ramblin' Wedells

    We took a somewhat early train to Bern, transferring in Zurich. While checking into the hostel we saw a flier for a light show that occurred every night from November to December. It was a show displayed on the parliament building and we decided to check it out. It was way better than the Week of Lights in Berlin – no advertising and much cooler. It was an actual animated show rather than just images displayed on a building. We enjoyed a mulled wine from a vender as we watched the show. Bern is incredibly expensive (cheap meals out start at 25 bucks) so we went to a grocery to get some things we could make ourselves. It was still quite expensive but taking some money out of the ATM gave us a chance to see the really awesome Swiss Franc bank notes. They are brightly colored (each denomination a different color) and interesting. The one thing that was quite reasonably priced was the chocolate. Back at the cold, military bunker-like hostel, we had some food and chocolate and decided to go on a cruise to Greece rather than try to travel there by rail and ferry. The price was quite reasonable since we booked it at the last minute.

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