Day 60 – Marjan Hill

    Ramblin' Wedells

    When we woke up and realized that the sun was shining (it was supposed to be stormy) we got ready in a hurry and set off to hike around the natural area on Split’s cape. We ascended over 200 stairs up Marjan hill to the park, where we had a very nice view of the city. We hiked around the park and got some nice views of the nearby islands. It was really beautiful weather (for the time being). We had espressos at a café at the edge of the park with outdoor seating overlooking the city. While we sipped, we watched the forecasted storm approach (and we watched it rain over the sea). We headed back to our hostel just in time to miss the hard rain. It was stormy for the rest of the day and we spent our time updating the blog. For dinner we made pasta with Croatian olives and some sort of Croatian cheese that tasted like Ricotta (we couldn’t read the packaging).

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