Day 57 – Zagreb


    We took an early train to Zagreb, Croatia (so early that we missed the free breakfast 🙁 ). We arrived around 11 am, checked into our hostel, and went out exploring the area. We found a nearby bistro where we had a wonderful lunch of risotto and tofu skewers with pumpkin soup. We also tried the local fritules (fried dough balls) which street vendors sold. We visited the Dolac market and the main square, purchasing a few souvenirs. We went though the stone gate, a 13th century gate allowing access to the fortified city…but to be honest it didn’t look like much, just a small gate with some candles inside and a shrine to the virgin Mary. We moved on to St. Mark’s church; The church was unique, which was nice. We were going to take the funicular to upper town until we saw it…(It was comical how short of a distance it ran). We went to the Zagreb Cathedral. We also walked quite some distance to go to a square that we thought was important but when we got there we realized that it was just some run-down building with graffiti and skateboarding kids. On the upside, we saw an interesting sculpture that looks like a sleeping homeless person from a distance. When you get closer, you realize it is made of wood.


    We had trail mix for dinner (because we were still pretty full from lunch) and went to bed early in preparation for another early morning.

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