Day 50 – Prague

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 50 - Prague

    We had a pretty busy day. We started with a 3.5 hour walking tour during which we saw many of the main sights in Prague. The clocktower, the townhall, the Jewish section of town, and so on. It was fun to hear some of the stories behind the buildings that we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. The only downside was our Australian overly bubbly tour guide who presented ficticious legends as if they were true stories. Afterwards we made our way to the Prague castle and it’s church which were beautiful. The castle also afforded a beautiful view of the city. From there we walked to a local monastery that brews their own beers. They were excellent and we really enjoyed them. We walked back into town across the Charles bridge and waited for the Prague clock to do it’s thing. After all the hype it was a complete let down. The animation was very minimal and it was over in under a minute. We headed home and got dinner at the same place we had eaten our first night, booked our hostel for Vienna and then went to bed. Before bed, it was great to hear from Laura about how her ultrasound went; we can’t wait to see some pictures!

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