Day 48 – Czech it out!

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 48 - Czech it out!

    We boarded a train from Berlin to Prague. The train traveled through Dresden and we thought about stopping there for a few hours to explore (I can thank Slaughterhouse Five for my desire to see Dresden). We decided we would rather get to Prague sooner, so we didn’t stop. After getting settled, we had our laundry done at our hostel while we ate dinner across the street. We both had cheesy potato dishes (one with broccoli and the other with tomatoes and eggplant). The entrées were very tasty and ridiculously cheap ($4 each)! We had a beer at the hostel bar which was also super cheap ( two beers for $1.50 during happy hour) but everyone in the bar was smoking constantly so we didn’t stay long. We realized that we have taken for granted the smoking ban in WI!

    This view from our restaurant:

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