Day 43 – Castles Galore

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 43- Castles Galore

    Waking up from a poor night of sleep on the night train (we really should pay extra for the sleeper car next time) we headed to Hillerød to meet up with Frank and Camilla. Once Camilla returned from some errands we had traditional Danish open sandwiches for lunch. For toppings we had: tuna, herring, mackerel, some sort of canned pork liver paste, as well as cheese and jam (which were eaten together). They told us that they never make sandwiches with two pieces of bread (because that would be too much bread). It makes sense as their bread is very thick and hearty. After lunch we went to see the Helsingør castle and the Fredensborg castle. At Fredensborg we saw the Prince of Denmark ride by on a horse drawn carriage. Ritzy! Helsingør slot was beautiful as well (+1 UNESCO) and if you lived there you could see Sweden from your house! We headed home to start making dinner. We had a soup made with pureed Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes. It was very good! We stayed up late talking-heading to bed about 1 am.

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