Day 41 – Around Stockholm

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 41- Around Stockholm

    We had Swedish pancakes for breakfast; Becky served them with strawberries and apples. We did our laundry and then headed into town. We walked around Stockholm and stopped in a few museums. We stopped in an H&M (apparently it is a Swedish store…so is IKEA, we found out) so that I could get a new pair of pants (my old ones already have big holes). Jon was thrilled to get to spend some time in the mall 😉 We went to a cafe to have coffee and we were going to try some Swedish pastry that Becky recommended, but the cafe was out of them. Next, we went to the grocery store to get ingredients for dinner. We made open faced sandwiches which were fantastic! Later, Becky took us to a bar where the drinks were really fancy. We had a drink and headed home.

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