Day 27 – Amsterdam

    Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 26 - Amsterdam

    Today we got up early, had the hostel provided breakfast (decent) and then took the train to Amsterdam. We explored the canals, the old buildings, and the red light district. The old, sometimes crooked buildings were quite beautiful. We stopped into a cheese shop and bought half a kilogram of Dutch Gouda cheese. We munched on it as we walked around – delicious! As we headed back to the train station in the afternoon we walked by on of the side streets with window brothels. It was strange to say the least. We stopped in a grocery and picked up a delicious Caprese salad with some of the best mozzarella we’ve ever had. Yum! We also picked up some hummus and veggies that we had the next day for lunch. We spent most of the evening internetting.

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