Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 18- St. Pol-de-Leon

    We started the day off with a nice breakfast of French bread and home made jams (at least 5 different kinds to choose from) along with tea and coffee. We went to the grocery store to get supplies for dinner-we had to drive to the next town because all of the stores were closed in St. Pol-de-Leon since it was Sunday. Etienne explained that because it is a small town everything is generally closed on Sundays in order to give the shop keepers a day off. We also stopped at Etienne’s parents house to get some greens from their garden.
    For lunch we had salad with tomatoes, tuna, rice, and a home made balsamic mustard dressing. We also had more bread and cheeses with cider to drink. Again we had tea and chocolate after our meal.
    We spent the afternoon exploring the city center. We visited the cathedral and a little garden area. We met back up with our host and accompanied them to a tour of a manor being built by a local architect and his wife. They have been building it for 8 years, just the two of them and they plan on living in it in another couple years when it is completed. It is strictly built in the style (including building materials) of a Gothic manor. Since the tour was in French Etienne and his friend had to summarize in English what they were talking about.
    After the tour we headed back to start dinner. Jon and I cooked baked macaroni and cheese with mushrooms. For dessert we had the leftover baked goods from the day before and more fromage. We ended the night with some piano playing and a game of scrabble, which Etienne won (even though we played in English and it isn’t his native language).

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