Ramblin' Wedells

    Day 6

    We took a bus from London to Dover today. It was cheap, but it smelled like urine and we’re pretty sure the people across the aisle from us were in the drug trade. It was pretty much a Greyhound and I hope we don’t have to take a bus again. The train is much better… Luckily our hostel wasn’t too far from the bus station, so we were able to walk. When we arrived we came upon a note saying that the doorbell was broken and that we needed to call in order to contact the staff. we didn’t have the ability to call it so we were lucky that the owner happened to show up right around the same time.
    We dropped off our belongings at the hostel and set off to catch a glimpse of the cliffs of Dover before sunset. Unfortunately for us, the map of the cliffs gave a route for cars… not pedestrains. We wound up walking almost a mile on a road with literally NO shoulder trying not to get hit by oncoming traffic. We were about to give up and go home but we went just a little bit further – and low and behold we found the entrance to the park. We briefly checked out the cliffs before heading home (as the sun was beginning to set). On our way back we discovered a much quicker and more direct route meant for pedestrians – if only we had known about it earlier! We had a nice veggie burger dinner at a local pub, watched The Last Leg on BBC2 and then hit the hay.

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    1. These are the kinds of posts that worry a mom — glad you didn’t get taken out by a car today!

      Do you think I could download the Last Leg? Would be fun to watch, that’s for sure.

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